Discovery Call

The main purpose of the complimentary 30-minute Discovery Call is to allow the client to openly discuss their personal health goals in a trusting, non-judgemental, and confidential setting. When the call is scheduled, the client is sent a questionnaire to fill out and submit prior to the call. The questions are designed to stimulate thoughts about their current health and future health goals.

There is no coaching in this session as the health coach’s main focuses are:

  • the client’s vision for radiant health,
  • what is not working in their life,
  • what are their stressors,
  • their desires for change,
  • the potential challenges slowing their progress,
  • their level of motivation,
  • and organically creating the initial step to building a successful relationship between the client and their health coach

After reviewing the client’s current and future health goals the health coach gives a high-level overview of the 12-week personalized health program and how they see it could help the client achieve their health goals.

Next step: The client and the health coach mutually agree if the 12-week personalized health program is the right fit.


12-Week Personalized Health Program

Building on the outcomes from the Discovery Call, The 12-Week Personalized Health Coaching Program is customized to align with the client’s health and lifestyle goals. You may wonder why 12-weeks? The 12-week duration ensures the client is not overwhelmed with a lot of change all at once, but instead in smaller achievable steps. Plus this is a length of time shown again and again to be long enough to exact real, permanent change in a person’s behaviour.

The first four weeks focus on nutrition that aligns with the client’s health goals. The coach helps the client successfully navigate through this period by offering support, direction and accountability. A weekly check-in meeting is scheduled to review the client’s progress and if necessary make adjustments to the plan.

Week five addresses the client’s lifestyle focusing on good sleep patterns and stress management techniques. The client will receive education on the importance of sleep and stress on their journey to good health. The weekly check-in meeting will continue to access progress and answer any questions that may have come up.

Week six and seven are all about fitness. The client and health coach discuss the best way to introduce fitness into their life or if already exercising, the type of fitness and how it fits into their health plan. The weekly check-in meetings continue to focus on fitness but also covers the previous six-week journey.
Week eight and nine addresses the topic of optimizing fuel partitioning which covers the potential for introducing advanced techniques such as intermittent fasting and ketosis. The client and health coach review the various options available to the client depending on how they are progressing through the plan. A weekly check-in meeting is scheduled.

Week ten and eleven focuses on the other lifestyle choices above and beyond sleep and stress. A check-in meeting is scheduled to assess their willingness and progress.

Week twelve the client and coach review the client’s progress to date and determine if all their goals are met.

From the program/coach’s perspective, the end goal is to support the client on their journey and in parallel educate the client so they are self-sufficient at the end of the twelve weeks, so they are able to proceed on their own with the newly acquired knowledge and confidence.

Online Group Health Coaching Program

Attune to You Health Coaching offers an online group health coaching program as an alternative approach to their individualized 12-Week Personalized Health Coaching program. The group program is 12-weeks in duration and is delivered online.

The program consists of six bi-weekly education sessions where the members are educated on nutrition, fitness and lifestyle which they are encouraged to incorporate into their daily routine.

The programs also provide six bi-weekly check-in sessions where the participants ask questions related to last week’s education session, share their victories and/or challenges incorporating this newly acquired information into their daily routines with their team members.

At each bi-weekly education session, the participants are provided with diet, fitness and lifestyle handouts which are reviewed and discussed. Their homework for the following week is to implement this information into their daily routine.

The end goal of these education sessions is to enable the members to become self-sufficient at the end of the three months and provide them with the knowledge and confidence to apply this newly acquired information into their life-long health journey.

The Group Health Coaching Program is a great way to bring together people with common health goals, build a community atmosphere by supporting each other and providing a place for accountability.

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