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Plant Paradox Book by Dr. Gundry

Dr. Gundry’s book is a must-read for any person with an autoimmune condition. This book gets into details regarding lectins in plants and how they affect our bodies. The book also includes foods to eat and foods to avoid.

Plant Paradox article and interview with Dr. Mercola

Another good read regarding the effects of lectins on the body.


Wired to Eat Book by Robb Wolf

If you are ever wondering why you are compelled to eat. This book will answer the question and more. I loved the section where Robb explains how to determine your tolerance for various carbohydrates you eat to determine which ones are good for you and which are not.

Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson

Mark has updated the 2009 version of his original book to include the latest research backing his 10 Primal Blueprint lifestyle laws to empower you to reprogram your genes to direct in the direction of weight loss, health, and longevity. This book is one of my favourite resources for living the Paleo/Primal lifestyle and should also be on your shelf.


The Keto Reset Book by Mark Sisson

If you want to entertain the notion of starting a ketogenic diet this book will step you through the important points on how to do it successfully to avoid the spike in cortisol and other important hormones.

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